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A space delineated by photographs of a forest and pages from books. A circular screen is in the back left corner

Decameron 2.0 

First exhibited at Toronto Metropolitan University RUBIX Catalyst, Jan 27, 2022, and more recently at the Electronic Literature Association Conference and Media Arts Festival, Como Italy, May 30-June 1, 2022,  ICIDS: International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling in Kobe, Japan, November 2023, and PhiloSOPHIA at Mount Royal University in Calgary March 2024,The Decameron 2.0 (2022) is an interactive explorable web-based world that takes its cue from Giovanni Boccaccio's medieval narrative set in Florence during the Black Plague. Featuring 100 co-created poetic thought experiments, it offers an audio, video, and textual living archive of life during the pandemic that centers women's experience.

Awards: Honorable Mention - The Robert Coover Award for a Work of Electronic Literature 2023.

ENTER the Decameron 2.0 here using a wifi-connected laptop or desktop.


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