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To play Memory Eternal

VR - Instructions:

The world runs on an Oculus Quest 2 tethered to a PC desktop or laptop computer from a downloadable file. The computer must have a gaming level graphics card and minimum 16 GB RAM in order to run. (It will not run on a mac.)


1) Download and run the Oculus software:

2) Download the Memory Eternal zip file and unzip it: 

3) Connect the Oculus headset to your PC via a link cable. Select “enable link (which means that your headset can run off the PC.)

4) Double click on the unzipped "Memory_Eternal.exe" to run. You will first get a "Made in Unity" loading screen and then the world will launch. You should be able to see it both on the computer screen and also in the headset.

Handset controls
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