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A weeping willow tree illuminated by blue teardrop shaped lights under a starry sky.

Designed for Oculus

First Exhibited 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal at the ELO Media Arts Festival

This work emerges in the wake of a global trauma, and expresses grieving at two scales – personal and collective. In the wake of crises, what do we want to remember and how? What futures should we imagine? How does care ground a wounded world?


Design: Hendrick W. de Haan and Angela Joosse

With support from:

Athabasca University
Faculty of Arts, Toronto Metropolitan University
Immersive Media Lab, York University
Trent University
Centre for Digital Humanities, Toronto Metropolitan University

and the help of:
Jeremy Andriano, Harriet Fisher, Max Kronby, Savianna Armstrong, Remy Fisher, Soren Joosse-de Haan and Kai Joosse-de Haan.

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Logo of CDH @TMU (Center for Digital Humanities)
Logo for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
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