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A weeping willow tree illuminated by blue teardrop shaped lights under a starry sky.

Designed for Oculus

First Exhibited 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal at the ELO Media Arts Festival

This work emerges in the wake of a global trauma, and expresses grieving at two scales – personal and collective. In the wake of crises, what do we want to remember and how? What futures should we imagine? How does care ground a wounded world?

A composite image of Ukranian embroidery and the rubble of a building.

Jolene Armstrong

Slava Ukraini

Film: Jolene Armstrong

Live combat recordings: Andriy Babichev

Sound: Brock Armstrong, Hendrick deHaan

Installation and Sound Design: Hendrick de Haan

—Dedicated to the defenders of Ukraine.

Jolene Armstrong

Just wondering how you're doing

Film: Jolene Armstrong

Poetry: Jolene Armstrong

Installation Design: Hendrick de Haan

Two circles on a black rectangle. In one circle is an illustrated woman, rich colours
A tower under starry sky - in memoriam

Hendrick de Haan

In Memoriam

Music performed by Kari Maaren

Score: Vichnaya Pamyat, hymn, traditional

Kelly Egan

In the Weeds

Film: Kelly Egan

Sound: Rick Egan (arranged by Kelly Egan)

Additional Sound Editing: Monique Tschofen

Installation Design: Hendrick de Haan

The word lovingly pressed into a leaf
Poetry by Lai-Tze Fan

Lai-Tze Fan

The Humble Book



Caitlin Fisher

The Humble Book


An abstract scene from a VR world: smoke and a yellow orb

Caitlin Fisher

Requiem for Damon Loren Baker

Poetry: Caitlin Fisher

Original Sound: Damon Loren Baker: Birth Pangs [excerpt] Recorded at Gerrard Art Space (Eclec~Tic~Toc Fest, Vol. 1 – Night 2), July 15, 2017.

Caitlin Fisher

In the Studio

Live VR drawing and original illustrations: Wallace Edwards

Cut out illustrations and a photograph of a children's illustrator
Two hands, grass, and leaves under a starry sky

Angela Joosse

Spell for Holding Time Together

Spoken word Performance: P. Megan Andrews

Angela Joosse and Siobhan O'Flynn

Spell of Solace

Spell: Angela Joosse

360 Video: Siobhan O'Flynn

Photographs of birds under a starry sky

Kari Maaren

Birds at the End of the World

Photography: Kari Maaren

Installation Design: Hendrick de Haan and Angela Joosse

Kari Maaren

The Humble Book




Bird World


Positive Thinking

Poetry by Kari Maaren
A 360 degree image of a tree

Siobhan O'Flynn

The Humble Book

The Mother Tree

St. Brigid's Day (Co-created with Midjourney)

Siobhan O'Flynn

The Barrow

Poem: Siobhan O'Flynn

Composition: Kari Maaren, "Thought and Memory"

360 Video and 3D Object: Siobhan O'Flynn

World Building: Hendrick de Haan

Additional Editing: Monique Tschofen

Additional Audio Editing: Michael O'Flynn

An image of a green mossy forest
A willow tree under a starry sky

Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof

Weeping Willow

Music: Prélude no. 4 in E minor, op. 28 by Frédéric Chopin (performed by Ivan Ilić) CC

Monique Tschofen

Seed Generator

Video:  Monique Tschofen and Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof

Text: Homer, Iliad, Monique Tschofen, and Al Cunningham Rogers

Music: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Stabat Mater. The Bach Guild, with the Vienna State Opera, conducted by Mario Rossi, 1955

Sound effects: Monique Tschofen and ©  BBC

A white peony with a tiny green bug

Design: Hendrick W. de Haan and Angela Joosse

World development and design: Diffusion CG


With support from:

Athabasca University
Faculty of Arts, Toronto Metropolitan University
Immersive Media Lab, York University
Trent University
Centre for Digital Humanities, Toronto Metropolitan University

and the help of:
Jeremy Andriano, Harriet Fisher, Max Kronby, Savianna Armstrong, Remy Fisher, Soren Joosse-de Haan and Kai Joosse-de Haan.

A transparency of Ukranian embroidery in front of a building and moon
Logo of Athabasca University
Logo of Toronto Metropolitan University Faculty of Arts
Logo of Trent University
Logo of CDH @TMU (Center for Digital Humanities)
Logo for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
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